Autumn Equinox – XX September 2014

The City, Man, Europe XX September 1870 From the unification of Italy to a united Europe Speech of the Grand Master Stefano Bisi Welcome to the Vascello, Welcome to the home of the Freemasons of Grande Oriente d’Italia. Welcome to the garden of Fraternity. We are many, let me say very many , this evening … Continua

Autumn Equinox – XX September 2011

Equinozio di Autunno – XX Settembre 2011 Address by Grand Master Gustavo Raffi Laity and joint commitment, building propositions for Italy “What really matters is to live everything. Live the questions, now”. This consideration of Rainer Maria Rilke has often been a good companion; it shows and identifies the way that we want to follow … Continua